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Just call me Dusty - Stomping Grounds
October 2nd, 2011
06:12 pm
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Just call me Dusty
I just finished washing off the arena dust from this morning. I went down to my parents' place to be the announcer for their neighborhood's equestrian FunDay, with barrel races and egg-in-spoon races and whatnot. At the scheduled start time, there was exactly one (1) rider there, but after a while more showed up, and by the end of the event, just before 1 PM, we had over a dozen. Now I have Announcer's Tan (well, Burn) on my right arm and the right side of my neck, since I utterly failed to consider sunscreen. (Naturally, I was wearing my faithful announcing fedora, so my head's all right.)

Everybody thanked me for my assistance, though of course from my perspective I didn't do anything amazing. Just another example of something looking easy... after you've invested a ton of time and effort into getting decent at it.

For background music, since my phone is conspicuously short of country music, I punched up Pandora's Classic Country station. Johnny Cash, Tammy Wynette, Patsy Cline -- good to go!

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