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My day as reported on Dino - Stomping Grounds — LiveJournal
June 12th, 2009
07:14 pm
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My day as reported on Dino
You say "agh gah bah feh buh doh"
You say "So we have a big workshop next week"
You say "and I'm in charge of my facility's booth at it"
You say "and they were supposed to be doing booth setup at 5 today, and Darla was supposed to be home from doing massage at 4, so everything's okay, right?"
You say "Except Darla didn't get home until after 6"
You say "so I scampered in to the building but nobody's there and it doesn't look like anyone's set up any displays"
You say "so I came over to my office and of course everyone's long gone from here and I'm all :/"
You say "so I guess I get to haul my ass in at 7:30 Monday morning to set crap up"
You say "I hadn't realized until a day or two ago that I needed to provide not only the content for the booth, but the system to run it on"
You say "but fortunately I was able to re-borrow my old laptop that I'd just handed over to the sysadmins to refurbish for somebody else"
You say "and I can spare my absurdly huge monitor for a couple days"
You say "Now Darla and the boys are on their way to the mountains and Darla's all bummed that she killed my schedule but I can't easily call her to tell her everyone else flaked too"
You say "the one bright spot: I have leftover RIBS in the fridge when I get home"

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Date:June 13th, 2009 10:58 am (UTC)
mmmmmm ribs

(We are leaving in an hour for Vegas, where I hope and pray everything that is supposed to be there for our booth actually IS there, because I have no one to blame but myself if it's not)
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Date:June 13th, 2009 03:17 pm (UTC)
Had my first trip to Vegas in early May. Surreal place.
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